Caring for your Silk

Why Silk?

Silk fibres, woven into a signature silk satin, is the height of luxury with a natural lustre, elegance, glamour and sensuousness. The ability to provide comfort in warm weather, whilst retaining heat during cooler winter months makes it a luxurious, sought after fabric.

How Should I Care for My Silk ISSOIR Pieces?

Each piece in the collection is crafted in the United Kingdom, in our all-female atelier in London.

Additional care must be taken when handling your ISSOIR pieces to allow you to treasure them for many years to come. Below we have all the details.

The Good List


Hand washing is the recommended way of caring for your ISSOIR pieces. Use a specially formulated silk detergent to gently hand wash your garments in cool water (maximum 30 degrees celsius). The cool water will preserve the colour and integrity of the silk over time.

You may think you need to regularly wash your silk, but as a beautifully breathable natural fibre with anti-bacterial properties you may be able to get away with it for a bit longer than you think. If storing your pieces for any length of time however, do ensure that they are put away clean.

Air Drying

Please only air dry your ISSOIR pieces. You could hang them gently over a clothes horse or on a hanger and let them dry naturally away from any sources of heat or direct sunlight.

Should your pieces need pressing, we recommend using the silk setting on your iron, ironing on the reverse and using a clean cotton pillow case to protect the fabric.

The Naughty List

Products to avoid

Body Lotions, perfumes and regular washing machine detergents will damage your beautiful silk. Regular detergents contain harsh chemicals which are damaging to silk, so always use a specialist silk detergent.

Careful when spot cleaning!

Please do not try to clean a mark on your silk with water, as it will leave a watermark. For oil stains, use a small amount of talcum powder and leave for 5 minutes before brushing the talc off gently. Any make up stains or marks should be removed using the steps on the Good List.

Tumble Drying and Machine Washing

Your tumble dryer is not a friend to silk, please avoid at all costs or you will definitely be on the naughty list. This has been said tongue in cheek, but seriously, do not try it!

Machine washing is too harsh for delicate silk, so again please stay off the naughty list.