Launched in November 2022, ISSOIR exists for a woman’s evening transformation. The time to access your truest self, and remove the constraints of the day. Slip into your luxurious silk, create an evening ritual, and savour the sublime.

Our Founder

Our founder, Isobel, knows the true value of the evening for exploring and accessing a different side of yourself. Holding corporate roles for many years, her evenings were an opportunity to contemplate. After much reflection, the years spent poring over luxury fashion magazines, working at British luxury fashion houses, and dreaming of design culminated in one logical answer; retraining in fashion design.

The rest is ISSOIR history.

Sustainability & Ethics

ISSOIR is committed to clothing being treasured and savoured. Our silk wear is created from the finest natural fibres, using the highest quality finishes. Crafted by UK based artisans, each piece is designed to be a true work of art. 

We have a genuine commitment to locality and producing pieces which tell a story of their British heritage, and a connection to our founder, Isobel’s, life. In creating each piece, there is a rich narrative, but one which is just beginning. It is time for you to create memories and tell your own story.

Crafted in the United Kingdom

Each ISSOIR piece is crafted in an all-female atelier based in London, UK. Specially selected for their highly skilled work, which caters for luxury British and European designers, each piece is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each seamstress receives a Living Wage for their immense skill.

Highest Quality Finishes

Each piece has been considered to provide the highest quality finishes, to treasure for years to come. These techniques are time consuming, but so worth the effort. To the inner of each garment, you will find luxurious French seams for beautifully comfortable, and long, wear. Pin hems have been used extensively to finish sleeves and hems, for a delicate and feminine finish which complements the fluid silk.

The Finest Silks

ISSOIR exclusively uses silk sourced from an esteemed British merchant, which provides silks to UK luxury fashion designers and has been used in creations for the British Royal family.

The Story of Local Sourcing

Crafted in London, the home of British fashion and the location in which our founder, Isobel, lived for three years whilst working for a British luxury fashion house, these pieces are crafted at the beating heart of the UK fashion industry.

The beautiful crepe backed silk satin used to craft each piece is sourced from the North West of England, the offices of which are a ten minute walk from Isobel’s home of six years.

Garment labels are expertly woven in Pembrokeshire, Wales, a wild and stunning area of the United Kingdom where Isobel spent each summer as a child. Packaging is sourced from UK based suppliers with a commitment to responsible sourcing.

The Story of the Collection

Each piece in the collection has been carefully considered, and inspiration taken from the wonderful women that Isobel has been lucky enough to encounter. Each embody a different facet of the ISSOIR woman, many of whom have been directly named in each piece. 

We introduce them throughout the collection, and as an ever evolving story, new names will be welcomed in seasons to come. 

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