Founder Isobel

Welcome to ISSOIR

A welcome note from our Founder, Isobel.

I am so pleased to welcome you to the world of ISSOIR.

The brand exists for women to access the transformative magic of their evening. Having experienced it firsthand, I am so excited to hand over the reins to you to create your evening sublime.

Having held corporate roles for many years, my evenings were the only opportunity to contemplate. After a long period of reflection, the years spent poring over luxury fashion magazines, working at British luxury fashion houses, and dreaming of design culminated  in one logical answer; retraining in fashion design. 

The rest is ISSOIR history.

Creating a new brand always felt like a very big responsibility, and something which I knew I could only feel happy doing if it aligned with my values, and yours. We all know the impact of the fashion industry on people and the planet, and it has, at times, felt like an impossible task to get things completely right. Whilst no fashion brand can truly call themselves ‘sustainable’, what we have really focussed on here are considered, true luxury, practices.

Every single piece in the collection is made in London by our partner, a wonderful all-female manufacturing studio. I am in regular contact with the owner, Giedre, and Studio Manager, Angela, and together we ensure that everything is of the highest quality possible. They do some incredible work for some of the most creative and well known designers in the UK, and are masters in the field. Silk is not an easy fabric to work with, and it is made into pure magic in their capable hands. I recently met one of the seamstresses, Gosia, who put together almost every piece with the utmost skill and attention, and I cannot tell you how talented the team are. You can feel the quality and care in every stitch. 

Speaking of silk, as a luxury brand, only the finest pure silk satin was sourced from an esteemed UK merchant, whose office happens to be around the corner from where I used to live in the North West of England. The quality is wonderful, and rumour has it that members of the British Royal Family have had pieces made from their silks. We won’t tell if you don’t. It was really important to use natural fibres to create the collection. Any snippets of non-natural fibres are only found in necessary trims, and never blended into our pure silk fabrics. This means that the fabrics are one hundred percent, pure, opulent silk and at the end of their life will naturally biodegrade (but only when you want them to).

To honour the beauty and majesty of silk, only the highest quality finishes are used. If a higher quality finish is available, it will be used, regardless of this resulting in a higher manufacturing cost. I truly care about creating something that you will be able to treasure and enjoy for many years to come. Whilst of course, silk requires you to care for it back, the French seams and pin hems create beautifully decadent and long wearing finishes.

I want you to experience the power of your evening transformation, in a way that feels free and authentic to you. You can rest assured that you are purchasing with a conscience, and experience the true freedom of your evening in pieces which have been designed to unleash the persona within.

I can’t wait for you to experience your evening transformation and tell your story in ISSOIR.

With love,

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