Slipping into winter sun in silk?

Slipping into winter sun in silk?

Let us tell you why they are the perfect partners...


Is February giving you the blues? Having just returned from a taste of winter sun, I can attest that if you need your batteries recharged, there is nothing better than the feeling of actual sunshine on your skin as opposed to the glow of a brightly lit phone... 


If you have a getaway planned, or I am gently teasing you towards that decision, here is my take on why silk is truly the best partner for your next luxury getaway. 


Silk is a thermoregulator 

Silk is a thermoregulator, which means it regulates your body temperature; keeping you warm when it is cool and cool when it is warmer outside. Magic, really. Perfect for the variable temperatures of your next winter getaway, when the temperature can drop after the sun goes down. 


Silk has a natural lustre  

As well as its temperature regulating properties, pure silk’s natural lustre will be showcased during your sunset cocktail sipping for the epitome of evening glamour. The beauty of natural, pure silk satin is that it displays different facets of its colour in differing light, which you will see from our imagery, so you can experience its transformative aspects as you journey from dusk to nightfall.   


Silk is breathable 

Silk is breathable making it perfect for warmer evenings and comfortable wear. As a natural fibre, it is also biodegradable (but only when you decide it to be) making it is a perfect long-term choice for your wardrobe, and the environment.  


Silk is the epitome of luxury 

Silk is revered for its beautiful lustre, strength and durability. It feels beautiful against the skin and drapes wonderfully, making it a popular choice in high end garments. 


ISSOIR silk nightwear  

Each piece of ISSOIR nightwear is crafted from pure silk, for the ultimate evening luxury. To honour the beauty of silk and its premium production processes, it is so important that the finishes used reflect this treasured fabric.

Each piece is made here in the United Kingdom in limited batches, by an all-female atelier based in London. Silk satin, the weave that is used for ISSOIR pieces is not easy to work with, which is why it is so important that the workmanship is the highest quality it possibly can be. I work closely with the wonderful team and the quality of finish is unparalleled for the ultimate Made in Britain finish.


If you are now thinking that you must pack your silk nightwear for your next trip away, here is my edit of your perfect picks... 


The Bianca Silk Camisole and Sara Silk Shorts 

Balmier climes call for a little less clothing than you may be currently used to. In case of the current British weather, a lot less. What better choice than the Bianca Silk Camisole and Sara Silk Shorts. Made in London, United Kingdom, they are ready to be taken on an international adventure. Elegant yet subtly cheeky, slip into your luxury silk nightwear set and be the belle of your villa balcony morning come night. Available separately, you can choose your perfect fit. 


The Serena Silk Robe 

Oh, Serena. The ultimate silk robe. For a glamorous morning coffee, wrap her around your frame, pop on some sunglasses and channel your inner screen siren. Come evening, no need to take her off once you’ve finished getting ready. For balmy evenings dining al fresco, pair her with a palazzo pant, high wedge, a fitted camisole and leave her open for a relaxed and effortless look. 


The Scarlett Silk Dress 

So versatile, the Scarlett Silk Dress is the easiest addition to your holiday wardrobe. Made in England, in the heart of London, alongside all ISSOIR pieces she is a real beauty. The flattering and slightly sporty halter neck gives just enough hint of collar bone. Dress her up for a balmy evening cocktail with some simple gold hoop earrings and a pair of strappy sandals, or for a luxurious night in slip her on and feel the gorgeous sensation of pure silk against your skin. 


Whatever your plans, be sure to pack your ISSOIR silk nightwear for the ultimate luxury stay.  


Happy travels! 


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